Lenovo x120e keyboard replacement

Purchased a Lenovo x120 about 9 month ago. The minute I got it, replaced the HDD with SSD and upgraded the memory to 4 gb. Been fairly happy with it, until 2-3 weeks ago keys (mostly: n, b, space) started malfunctioning or became a pain to work with.

Had to take out the keyboard, shown as below. The x120e keyboard pops up about the same way, but it gave me a bit more struggle to pull it out. I was almost scared I broke the keyboard when it finally came out. Reseed the keyboard connection back into the motherboard, and all is well with the world again :)

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SQL Loop

I know that looping in a query/script may be taxing on performance however for a small task, I was not able to find a better solution. Continue reading

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Google Instant Search in Chromium on Linux

2 Days ago I’ve updated my Ubuntu 10.10 (x64) with the latest packages. Along with the update, I’ve also grabbed the latest Google-Chrome-dev package from Google repository. Fired up the browser only to realize that I cannot close the tabs I’ve opened with a mouse click on X button. Turns out, it really is a bug with the dev line; http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=92771.

Now I am a trained monkey, already used to hitting the CTRL+W to close the tabs even at work. Life will not be the same ever again.

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Automagically building MSIs

Been playing with Wise Packaging Studio for a bit to create MSIs for an application that is being developed in-house.

The process is something along the line of; download the source code, compile the source code, move the binaries to a package folder. Package folder is defined as the INSTALLDIR variable of the Wise Packaging studio project. Continue reading

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XFS on linux migration attempt

For the last two years or so I have been buying larger disks every 8-9 months or so and migrating off the smaller ones. Since the drive prices are fairly cheap I bought a 640 gb drive for ~30$ or so.

My plan was to;

-Backup /home to USB

-Format /home

-Create RAID 1 with /home drive + other

-migrate to RAID 1

Which is simple enough, but oh no, I wanted to get fancy. Instead of simply backing up disk drive I figured I’d use DD to make disk image of my volume. Continue reading

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