SQL Loop

I know that looping in a query/script may be taxing on performance however for a small task, I was not able to find a better solution. Continue reading

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Automagically building MSIs

Been playing with Wise Packaging Studio for a bit to create MSIs for an application that is being developed in-house.

The process is something along the line of; download the source code, compile the source code, move the binaries to a package folder. Package folder is defined as the INSTALLDIR variable of the Wise Packaging studio project. Continue reading

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XFS on linux migration attempt

For the last two years or so I have been buying larger disks every 8-9 months or so and migrating off the smaller ones. Since the drive prices are fairly cheap I bought a 640 gb drive for ~30$ or so.

My plan was to;

-Backup /home to USB

-Format /home

-Create RAID 1 with /home drive + other

-migrate to RAID 1

Which is simple¬†enough, but oh no, I wanted to get fancy. Instead of simply backing up disk drive I figured I’d use DD to make disk image of my volume. Continue reading

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The Joy of Statistics

Similar to his TED Talks videos; Hans Rosling on BBC documentary about statistics.

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Run command line as Local System

This should be only applicable to systems pre Windows 6 (Vista,7,2008).
Get the current system time;

time /t

assume system time is 13:15, set an AT task to run two minutes later;

at 13:17 /interactive “cmd.exe”

wait two minutes for the command line. Windows legacy task scheduler AT always executed as Local system. Using the loophole allows escalation to local system. This is not valid for new generation Windows OSes.

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